We are open to support fundamental, clinical and COVID-19-related research during the COVID-19 pandemic by following the national, provincial measures and protocols from UBC and academic units. Please contact us for details.

Welcome to LSI IMAGING @ UBC

LSI IMAGING is a core research imaging facility of the Life Sciences Institute with state of the art fluorescence microscopy equipment. Microscopy equipment is located in proximity to expertise and access coordinated through a centralized website. Our goal is to facilitate access to equipment, promote the exchange of expertise and enable quality science.

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Recent Publications

The application of super resolution

Arp2/3 complex-driven spatial patterning of the BCR enhances immune synapse formation, BCR signaling and cell activation

Lipid transfer machinery is present at membrane contact sites associated with the internalization of junctions in Sertoli cells

Reticulon and CLIMP-63 regulate nanodomain organization of peripheral ER tubules